Fashion Capitals of the World

  • gucciMilan Fashion Week
  • gucciMilan Fashion Week
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  • Villa Della SpigaVilla Della Spiga, Milan
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  • A Day at the Met Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Traditionally, Paris, London, Milan and New York are the four major fashion capitals. But these are not the only stops on the map — Tokyo, Rome, Buenos Aires, and Los Angeles are among several cities that have fashion credibility.

The original fashion capital of Europe is Paris, which boasts the best-skilled craftspeople in all of Europe.

Be prepared to spend big bucks (especially with the Euro exchange) on high-end, super-expensive clothing. But it is hard to resist the charm of this romantic city—so many fabulous museums, beautiful shops and world-class dining. Don’t be surprised to see a fashionable dentist and her husband from Jackson sailing down the Seine River for a memorable dinner with a member of the internationally famous group “Il Divo!” Never underestimate the worldliness of our locals.

London is home to some of the world’s greatest tailors with access to some of the finest fabrics in the world. And who can forget the youth fashion of the 60s making the mini-skirt a global essential in any young girl’s wardrobe? London is one of the most requested destinations from our Mississippi clientele.

Not too surprising, since the culture and history is so fascinating, with a staggering amount of museums and places of interest to visit. Some of the most luxurious hotels are located there, and afternoon English tea is a must! The weather can be unpredictable, so make sure you tote an umbrella and that fashionable trench coat.

Having recently returned from Milan, I was impressed by this very chic European city that was sort of sporty and perhaps more relaxed and cheaper than Paris. Located in the north of Italy, the city is renowned for its stylish residents, and Milan boasts an abundance of shops where visitors can follow the latest trends. A visit to the Villa Della Spiga district will introduce you to the more exclusive and expensive shops, but the Buenos Aires Avenue offers equally beautiful but more affordable goodies.

A Jackson beauty was recently sighted in Milan wrapped in her Burberry shawl, Prada shoes and Gucci sunglasses and was greeted with a “Buongiorno” as if a local. A must to do while inMilan is a tour of the famous La Scala Opera House, which displays many of the great costumes from the famous operas performed there. As I mentioned previously, Milan is a great jumping off location for many other fashionable cities including Rome, Venice and Florence.

If you are looking for an exotic destination with a better exchange rate, you may want to travel to exciting Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

With wide boulevards lined with fine, European style architecture and chic restaurants and stores, it’s like being in Europe and finding everything half-off. Once again, we were well represented as Matt Lauer from the “Today” show spotted three lovely ladies fromJackson in one of the markets in Buenos Aires and introduced them on the show as “the girls from Mississippi.”

Closer to home is the capital of the world — New York City. Different boroughs, such as SoHo, the Upper East Side and Greenwich, have been heralded for producing some of the greatest designers seen by the industry. It is filled with some of the best haute couture boutiques in the world.

Many of our locals have made annual pilgrimages to this great city in search of the perfect outfit and accessory. In fact, a very talented local artist recently joined her daughter at the famous “Fashion Week” in New York, where her daughter was on assignment from Boston Magazine to cover the events. Again, Jackson residents figure prominently in the global fashion scene.

New York is a very accessible trip from Jackson with a multitude of activities to entertain you. If you can tear yourself away from the shopping, the latest Broadway hit or a fabulous dinner can entertain you. The choices are mind boggling, but I do have some favorite recommendations. Among them is dinner at the famous “21Club,” as you undoubtedly will run into some celebrity while enjoying a delicious meal.

Or how about an intimate tour of “SoHo” led by a local character, Addie Tomei (mother of Marissa Tomei, the Academy Award-winning actress). You really get a chance to visit some fantastic boutiques and historically interesting sights and have an authentic dining experience at a local Italian restaurant while enjoying Addie’s peppery commentary.

Or perhaps a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a private guide and a scrumptious brunch at one of their famed restaurants would interest you. So little time and so much to see!

Chicago is another great city for the fashionably conscious Jacksonian. You can depart Jackson at approximately 7 a.m. on a non-stop flight to Chicago and be on Michigan Avenue at 10 a.m. in time for the stores to open. In addition to the obvious major department stores, over the past few years high-scale boutiques showcasing local talent have been cropping up everywhere.

Did I mention the many cultural activities that abound in this great city on Lake Michigan?

Many of us from Jackson got a chance to view the “Jackie Kennedy” exhibit at the magnificent Field Museum. It was an unforgettable display of the beautiful clothes she wore to many historical events while she was First Lady. And if you need a place to show off your new wardrobe, there are plenty of famous restaurants in Chicago—one of my personal favorites is RL’s, as in Ralph Lauren.

Great food and atmosphere and conveniently located off Michigan Avenue.

Comparatively speaking, hotels in Chicago are a bargain. You can choose from a wide variety, from the famed Peninsula toThe Fairmont (which incidentally has its own Bentley car and chauffer that will squire you around the city in fine style). And if you must have your theater fix, it seems that the latest show is always playing. For instance, “The Jersey Boys” is currently playing, and, having seen the production in New York, this performance is equally as entertaining.

From all corners of the world, from Europe to South America, New York to Chicago, be assured that the “fashionistas” of Jackson are representing us well and sharing their Southern Charm and unique style with these fashion capitals of the world.